Marketplace Specialist

Job Details

Company presentation

ManpowerGroup is a leading global workforce solutions company, that helps organizations transform in the fast-changing world of work, via sourcing-, assessment-, planning- and training solutions, to help companies to attract and develop the talent that enables them to win.

 Job purpose

ManpowerGroup wants to capture all possible productivity improvements in the matching process between candidates and clients’ vacancies. ManpowerGroup is transforming from a classic offline recruitment business model into a more virtual marketplace driven business model. Per segment, ManpowerGroup will ensure it will capture all possible job opportunities from the most attractive companies through its business development teams, while we’ll ensure to capture the most valuable candidates through its sourcing teams. As a marketplace manager it is your role to connect both parties through state-of-the-art search & match tools, and it will be your role to drive the conversation between candidates and hiring managers to come to fruitful collaborations

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Ensure the necessary focus on the matching process in a given jobcategory/segment. Identify all possible matches between candidates and clients, and be accountable to maximize the fill-ratio of our job-opportunities.
  • Establish of a strong network of hiring managers in a given sector, and before proposing candidates, ensure a good understanding of the parameters per client, that will guarantee a good cultural fit, the right fit with the clients’ team-members and leaders and that the candidate will show the relevant soft skills.
  • Work in close collaboration with the business development teams to understand who are the strategical and tactical people to approach with a client when good candidates are found for specific jobs.
  • Be the guardian of a good candidate and client experience in the process of closing the contracts, and monitor the process at the start of each collaboration
  • Set a winning culture, drive a sense of urgency and drive the market penetration of Manpowers’ services 

Required competences  

  • A first work experience in sales is considered as a plus
  • Result oriented and be able to focus on main tasks/segments
  • Comfortable using the phone, email and social to connect to candidates and hiring managers
  • An emphatic personality with a sixth sense to identify who a candidate would be the right fit for a job
  • Good promotional skills, understand how to position a candidate towards a hiring manager. Ability to translate a candidate profile to the needs of the client.
  • Affinity with digital marketing and online recruitment tools is considered as a plus
  • Bachelor degree, but attitude and passion is valued of equal importance, if not more
  • Proficiency in Dutch, French and English.